Code Enforcement

A unified solution for code inspections, violation
management, administrative hearings, and citizen engagement.


A powerful web-based data management application and intuitive Windows and Android mobile applications ensure that pertinent information can be captured or retrieved - anywhere.

  • Cloud-Based Records and Case Management
  • Inspections
  • E-Notice and E-Citation
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Finance Portal and Online Payments
  • Citizen Services
Cloud-Based Records and Case Management
  • Advanced Search Engine
  • Property Master File Management
    • Parcel ID association with address or location
    • Integrated Mapping
    • Ownership details
    • Zoning & use
  • Code and Ordinance Management
  • Integrated Mapping to see locations of open/closed cases
  • Digital Evidence Management
    • Photos, documents, videos, and voice memos
  • Robust Data Export capabilities
  • Detailed Audit reports
  • Dynamic Group/User Permission Management

Powerful Windows and Android mobile application for in-field use.

  • Fully customizable Inspection Reports for permits, annual inspections, etc.
  • Automatic assignment of inspectors based on location or type
  • Query and auto-populate reports with Parcel ID, address, or owner information lookup
  • Review historical data on inspections and violations
  • Fee assignment to inspection/re-inspection
E-Notice and E-Citation

Powerful Windows and Android mobile application for in-field use.

  • Auto-populate any Notice with Inspection Form data
    • Notice of Violation
    • E-Citation
    • Lien Notice
    • Abatement Notice
    • Hearing Notification
  • Set reminders for re-inspection
  • Quick lookup of ordinance or description to auto-complete Notices
  • Digital Evidence Capture
    • Capture photos, documents, videos, and voice memos
  • In-Field Printing of Notices with Thermal Printer
Administrative Hearings

The Code Enforcement Platform is fully integrated with the Quicket Municipal Court/Administrative Hearing Platform. An open API further enables integration to external court systems.

Violation Notices/E-Citations are automatically tracked by the Platform, which eliminates the need to manually retrieve case information before scheduled court or hearing dates.

Inspectors are easily able to retrieve the latest case status information and receive alerts when follow-ups are required.

Finance Portal and Online Payments

Quicket provides a robust Finance Portal for Payment/Collection Monitoring along with Online Payment capabilities to enhance citizen convenience and increase collections.

  • Online payments automatically update Finance Portal
  • Integrated with Municipal Court/Administrative Hearing Platform 
  • 3rd Party General ledger integration
  • Record payments for cash, money order, check, or credit card
  • Cash Out batch file for end-of-day processing
  • Audit reports for payments, past-due, etc.
  • Fee and Fine Breakdown Reports
  • Custom business rules for fee and fine escalations
  • Generate custom reports based on collection type, payment method, etc.
  • Batch Notice creation for 1st Notice, 2nd Notice, Notice Before Collections, and More
  • Collection Agency reports
Citizen Services

Free-up valuable staff time and enhance the quality and speed of services for your citizens with a robust set of online tools for citizens.

  • Online Payment Portal for Violations and Permits
    • Full and partial payments, including payments plans
  • Automatic Notice Generation
  • Alert messaging via text/email
    • Property Notices/Violations
    • Inspection Scheduling
    • Building Tenant Violations
    • Geo-location defined Notices/Violations in neighborhood, area, or district




Quicket eliminates the expensive capital investment and ongoing maintenance costs of on-premise server infrastructure. Updates, security patches, and 24/7 support are always included.



FBI-CJIS, FedRAMP, NIST, and PCI-Compliant. Automatic, always included data backups. Guaranteed 99.99% uptime. You own your data - Always.



Data is retrieved and share seamlessly in real-time across all of your devices. Never worry again about redundant data entry or data loss. APIs enable interoperability with existing systems.

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