DevOps Engineer

Chicago, IL

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A DevOps Engineer will be supporting multiple product teams with automating deployment, QA, CI/CD tooling, and infrastructure for an AWS based SaaS company providing solutions exclusively for sensitive government workloads. Primarily this involves working with developers to encourage ownership for the full life cycle of their applications from story to deployment and beyond. You will be evaluating tool sets and using them to craft solutions that enable engineering teams to deliver value to the client quickly and reliably.

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Chicago, IL

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This is a development centric position, extending existing tools and writing new ones.  Python is strongly preferred but other languages are welcome as the task warrants.

Linux is our target platform, Bash and general Linux system administration skills are required.

We are 100% AWS. Experience with EC2, S3, Lambda, VPCs, and IAM is required.

Windows Server 2016 exists in a few unavoidable cases and Windows 10 on the desktop per user preference so PowerShell/.NET is helpful.

We’re currently seeking to improve and expand our use of among other tools: Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Packer, CloudWatch, DataDog, Slack, Jira, Jenkins and LambCI.