About Us

Quicket delivers the most flexible and secure cloud-based software for the public sector.

Our Mission

We make communities safer and better served by government through revolutionary technologies.

Client Statement

We delight our clients through innovation, amazing service, and passionate employees.

Who We Are

We are industry veterans that have built Quicket from the ground up to be the new trusted software standard for sensitive government workloads.

We Strive to Innovate

At Quicket, we understand that government needs great technology to best serve our communities. We are constantly innovating to drive success for our clients and our future.

Our Values Enable Excellence


We are creative. We are bold and challenge the status quo.

High Performance

We are here to make an impact in our communities. We prioritize the most important work.


We act with respect, honesty, and transparency in our actions. We make and keep commitments. We do the right thing.


We are one company. We value team over individual success.


We obsess over the customer experience. We value the success of our customers and partners. We take responsibility and learn.

Executive Team

Christiaan Burner
Co-Founder and CEO

B.S., Business Process Management, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Akshay SIngh
Co-Founder and CTO

M.S., Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Quicket Careers

We are a tight-knit team of innovators on a mission to radically improve government technology.

Software Engineer
Chicago, IL

A software engineer at Quicket will develop next-generation technologies exclusively for mission-critical and sensitive government workloads. At Quicket we have engineers focusing on backend development, mobile and desktop development, front-end development, and infrastructure engineering. Candidate must have experience in one or more of the following: RESTful API development, RDBMS, unit and integration testing, and cloud-based infrastructures.

Quicket is a tight-knit, rapidly growing team, so the ability to move quickly and liaison with other teams is paramount. Switching teams is encouraged as we grow and form more specialized groups. We need our engineers to be versatile and always eager to tackle new problems as we continue to push technology forward.

Software Engineer - Intern
Chicago, IL

A software engineering intern at Quicket should be ready to learn. We understand you probably haven’t coded professionally before, and we’re here to help you grow. Intern candidates should have a demonstrated interest in web application development. Preference for knowledge of SOLID development, REST API principles, and the HTTP protocol. We move quickly, with ample cross-team communication, so you have opportunity to see how different teams and technologies work, to expose you to different possible career paths. We don’t do intern projects. From day 1, you will work with a team on code going into production. We do this so that you know what it’s like when you come back full-time.

Contact us below for more details

Mobile Applications Engineer - Android
Chicago, IL

We are seeking exceptionally talented programmers with a passion for developing mobile applications that make a big impact on government efficiency and effectiveness. Must be fluent in Java and have experience in Android application programming. Candidates are familiar with network related APIs, accessing remote databases from Android devices, and JSON/XML formatting.


-Design and build advanced applications for Android

-Closely collaborate with cross-functional teams

-Work with outside data sources and API’s

-Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability

-Work on bug fixing and application performance

-Use immense creativity to plan, evaluate, and implement new technologies

Front-End Engineer
Chicago, IL

A front-end engineer at Quicket will be able to write a front-end with a focus on security and usability. Our clients use our software in unusual locations and circumstances, so fundamentals of UX are important. Ideal candidates will be familiar with jQuery/Bootstrap, but also know when new frameworks or libraries can help us accelerate our development, while maintaining a stable product. Candidate must have experience with some of the following: jQuery/Bootstrap, consuming REST APIs, common authentication and authorization approaches, performance testing, and unit/fuctional/integration testing. We need developers with an interest in solving hard problems that will help us to scale.

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DevOps Engineer
Chicago, IL

A DevOps Engineer will be supporting multiple product teams with automating deployment, QA, CI/CD tooling, and infrastructure for an AWS based SaaS company providing solutions exclusively for sensitive government workloads. Primarily this involves working with developers to encourage ownership for the full life cycle of their applications from story to deployment and beyond. You will be evaluating tool sets and using them to craft solutions that enable engineering teams to deliver value to the client quickly and reliably.

This is a development centric position, extending existing tools and writing new ones.  Python is strongly preferred but other languages are welcome as the task warrants.

 Linux is our target platform, Bash and general Linux system administration skills are required.

 We are 100% AWS. Experience with EC2, S3, Lambda, VPCs, and IAM is required.

 Windows Server 2016 exists in a few unavoidable cases and Windows 10 on the desktop per user preference so PowerShell/.NET is helpful.

 We’re currently seeking to improve and expand our use of among other tools: Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Packer, CloudWatch, DataDog, Slack, Jira, Jenkins and LambCI.

Back-End Engineer (Python)
Chicago, IL

A Back-End Software Engineer will be responsible for RESTful API development, RDBMS, unit and integration testing, and cloud-based infrastructures. In addition, he or she will oversee the design, development, and deployment of server APIs. This position includes managing the build-out of all necessary systems to enable our product. Reports to Director of Engineering.

  • 2+ years in Python development
  • 2+ years in API design
  • 2+ years of experience in React Native
  • 2+ years of software architecture with knowledge on scaling issues
  • 2+ years of experience in C/C++ and JavaScript and its libraries
  • AWS experience in EC2, RDS, S3 & IAM
  • Expertise in utilizing GitHub and good experience with server-side scripting
  • Experience with tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Packer, CloudWatch, DataDog, Slack, Jira, Jenkins and LambCI. (The more the better)
  • Agile SCRUM Experience
.NET Engineer
Chicago, IL

We are seeking qualified engineers with .NET experience to become part of the Quicket team. Applicants should have experience with Microsoft's .Net framework and testing, familiarity with MVVM and the WPF framework, experience using RESTful APIs, and the ability to collaborate with others.

Contact us below for more details

.NET Junior Engineer
Chicago, IL

Quicket’s .NET team seeks a capable and dedicated junior developer to maintain and update our Windows desktop application. Candidates must have a bachelors degree in Computer Science or equivalent training; be comfortable with C#, Visual Studio, and Git; and be ready to work collaboratively with a tight-knit team in a fast-paced, agile development environment. Experience with WPF, GitHub, Jira, regression testing methodology, and object-oriented design principles strongly preferred.

Contact us below for more details

Senior Software Engineer
Chicago, IL

Work with the Senior Software Architect to gather specifications; work with the team to plan product development timeline; schedule tasks in the Sprint planning; create mobile frontend using Java, Kotlin, React Native, React JS, and Redux; Develop and interface between platform agnostic mobile environment and RESTful APIs in the back end and create secure encrypted channels for data exchange from mobile to server environment; work with other team members to merge and resolve conflicts toward a single production release branch on software repositories; create unit tests, user tests and integration tests for the mobile environment; create strategy to execute tests and analyze results to refactor existing software product; monitor the performance of existing production software in use by clients; gather and use data to further develop a state of the art and better performing mobile software; mentor other team members of the findings and utilize it for new product development; configure software application in compliance with the FBI-NIBRS CJIS policy and implement FIPS-140-2 and AES 256 encryption protocols; provide Tier-3 advance engineering support during company-wide outages; Java, JavaScript and its libraries (jQuery, JSON), Python; Knowledge of Android and iOS application development using React Native, Reach JS, and Redux; Knowledge of creating and interfacing with RESTful APIs over TCP & HTTPs, and experience in configuring SNMPv3, SSO and AES 256 encryption; Knowledge in AWS GovCloud configuration with EC2, S3, RDS MySQL, AWS Cognito.

Qualifications: Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field or foreign academic equivalent plus 4 years related experience. Required skills: Java, JavaScript and its libraries (jQuery, JSON), Python (4 yrs); Knowledge of Android and iOS application development using React Native, Reach JS, and Redux (2 yrs); Knowledge of creating and interfacing with RESTful APIs over TCP & HTTPs, and experience in configuring SNMPv3, SSO and AES 256 encryption (2 yrs); Knowledge in AWS GovCloud configuration with EC2, S3, RDS MySQL, AWS Cognito (2 yrs).

Please email your resume to careers@quicketsolutions.com. Please reference 030489 in the subject line.

To apply, please submit your information:
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