Court and Hearings Platform

The first unified cloud-based Case Management Platform
delivers unrivaled ease-of-use and efficiency gains
for courts and administrative hearings.

Features and Benefits

Case Management Systems should not be data silos, where pertinent information has to be manually retrieved or updated. With the Quicket Unified Cloud, data is effortlessly synced and appropriately shared with all justice partners, including law enforcement, code enforcement, finance, supervision, and more.

  • Case Management Platform
  • Streamlined Proceedings and Adjudication
  • Automated Notices and Correspondence
  • Finance Portal and Online Payments
  • Public Empowerment and Engagement
  • Seamless Integration
Case Management Platform
  • Automatic Importing of eCitations, Notices to Appear, and other reports from Law Enforcement and Code Enforcement
  • Party-based System intelligently links multiple cases to single party, providing a unified view of all Cases associated with the particular person, business or property
  • Advanced Data Mining Engine automatically sorts existing Party records, giving complete historical context to current open cases in one unified view
  • Automated Roll-Call & Docket Generation
    • Self-serve kiosk and clerical staff interfaces for check-in on assigned court date
    • Robust case file lookup capabilities using one or many search parameters
    • Failure to appear automatically creates notice document and updates Docket
  • Secure Online Portal for justice partners
    • Law Enforcement and code enforcement calendars for court date assignments
    • Judgments / Dispositions / Orders / Registers of Actions
    • Finance portal for notices, payments, collection reports
  • Case statuses updated in real-time based on Daily Proceedings
  • Integrated Calendar and Scheduling
    • Synced with Law Enforcement and Code Enforcement Platform to ensure appropriate scheduling
    • Automatic updates to Notice templates
    • Custom business rules for room capacity, room number assignment, and more
Streamlined Proceedings and Adjudication

The Quicket Platform delivers intelligent automation and eliminates paperwork in Court and Administrative Hearings

  • Personal Dashboard for Judge, hearing officer, adjudicator, magistrate, and other courtroom staff for the data they need
  • Real-time syncing across all devices ensures courtroom automatically receives current Docket and Case files
    • Docket order customization based on first-come-first-serve, alphabetical, or other business rules
    • Party History is shown in single, unified view, providing complete context to the current Case
    • Digital Evidence including photos, videos, audio, maps, and documents available for viewing
  • Tablet/handheld application for digital signature capture
  • Integrated calendar for Continuances
  • Program Assignments for community service or other court-mandated programs
  • Court Notes via integrated word processing tools
  • Audio Recordings of proceedings with automatic association to appropriate Case
Automated Notices and Correspondence

The Quicket Platform provides highly flexible and intelligent tools to automatically generate Notices or other Correspondence for all parties.

  • Auto-population of critical information on Notices/Correspondence
    • Court date, Name, Address, Outcome, etc.
  • Automatic printing of Judgments/ Dispositions/ Orders/ Registers of Actions
    • Digital signature automatically appended from court administrator or other authorized user
  • Customizable Trigger Events to automatically generate Notices for:
    • Failure to Appear
    • Failure to attend mandated community service or other court-mandated programs
    • Failure to Pay warnings
    • Collections
    • Warrants
Finance Portal and Online Payments

Quicket provides a robust Finance Portal for Payment/Collection Monitoring along with Online Payment capabilities to enhance public convenience and improve collections.

  • Online payments automatically update Finance Portal
  • 3rd Party General ledger integration
  • Record payments for cash, money order, check, or credit card
  • Cash Out batch file for end-of-day processing
  • Audit reports for payments, past-due, etc.
  • Fee and Fine Breakdown Reports
  • Custom business rules for fee and fine escalations
  • Generate custom reports based on collection type, payment method, etc.
  • Batch Notice creation for 1st Notice, 2nd Notice, Notice Before Collections, and More
  • Collection Agency reports
Public Empowerment and Engagement

Quicket’s online intuitive self-service tools free up valuable staff time and dramatically enhance convenience for the public.

  • Online Docket available for general public
  • Petition for Rescheduling of Court/Hearing date
  • Online Payments
    • Full and partial payments, including payments plans
Seamless Integration

The Platform is part of the unified Quicket Cloud, ensuring that data flows seamlessly between all stakeholders across various agencies.

  • Disposition Updates for Law Enforcement and Code Enforcement
  • Payment and collections tracking with a robust Finance Portal
  • Customizable reports for Collection Agencies
  • APIs and data export tools enable integration with 3rd party systems




Quicket eliminates the expensive capital investment and ongoing maintenance costs of on-premise server infrastructure. Updates, security patches, and 24/7 support are always included.



FBI CJIS, FedRAMP, NIST, and PCI Compliant. Automatic, always included data backups. Guaranteed 99.99% uptime. You own your data - Always.



Data is retrieved and share seamlessly in real-time across all of your devices. Never worry again about redundant data entry or data loss. APIs enable interoperability with existing systems.

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